About us

The Association of Diplomats Stockholm (ADS) is as a non-profit, non-political and non-religious organisation of foreign Diplomats accredited to Sweden and with office in Stockholm. The organisation was formally established in 1999 with the goal of bringing foreign Diplomats together under the umbrella of the organisation and outside formal protocols.

The primary objective of the ADS is the promotion of contacts among its Members, the Diplomatic community in Stockholm and with Swedish Authorities and Society in general, secondly to act as a forum for matters of concern to the Diplomatic community in Stockholm in general.
To this end ADS shall:
1) Organise relevant events either on its own or in co-cooperation with other organisations
2) Provide a common platform for discussion and highlight the concerns towards the relevant organisations or authorities

ADS Board for 2020/21

The Board of Directors together with the Permanent Secretary are in charge of the strategic direction and the daily affairs of the organisation.

Valentin Stoev
Chairman of the Board, Embassy of Bulgaria

Dario Otero
Vice Chairman of the Board, Embassy of Spain

Annette Draeger
Treasurer, Embassy of Germany

Wissem Boudriga
Board Member, Embassy of Tunisia

Michael Moody
Board Member, British Embassy

Alejandra Paz
Board Member, Embassy of Peru

Niko Kosmidis
Permanent secretary