Formal membership
Individuals of the Diplomatic Corps in Sweden and listed in the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs Diplomatic List, may apply for Formal Membership.

Associate membership
Any individual being a member of staff at an Embassy in Stockholm or of an International organisation as listed in the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs list of International organisations and other representations, may apply for Associate Membership. Please note that an official work email containing the domain address of the organisation must be used when applying.

Heads of missions
Heads of Mission are considered to be Honorary Members during their tour of duty and can participate in all regular ADS activities under the same conditions as Formal Members, with the exception of having voting rights in the Annual General Meeting.
An Honorary Member may if he or she wish, apply for Formal Membership.

Spouses of an ADS Member enjoy the same rights as the Member with regards to participation in regular activities of the ADS, with the exception of attending the AGM.
A spouse of an accredited Diplomat and listed in the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs Diplomatic List may if he or she wish apply for Formal Membership.

Membership fee
The membership fee is 300 SEK annually.


To apply for membership please select applicable membership type and fill out all required fields.
We will review the submitted information and return to you within 5 working days.

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